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Hot Hatchbacks for Young Drivers

Among young drivers, there are a number of hot hatchbacks that are popular choices. Young drivers tend to prioritize the price, performance, looks and fuel economy of their vehicles. Depending on just how young they are and the involvement of their parents in their purchasing decision, safety is also a huge priority.
One of the most popular hot hatchbacks for young drivers is the Honda Fit, due to a low price tag and a high EPA rating in the fuel mileage department. It’s a practical car for drivers who don’t have a lot of money to spend that want a reliable vehicle from a reputable brand.

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For those willing to spend a bit more money that are interested in a unique style, the Scion xD hatchback is popular. It’s also loaded with safety features that should satisfy most parents looking to keep their children safe, as they become old enough to drive.

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The Kia Rio hatchback is another of the hot hatchbacks for young drivers, but again the price tag gets a bit higher. It is more spacious than some of the alternatives, and it also gets high marks in terms of safety. That makes it a great fit for teenage drivers and their parents, as it’s a car they can agree on.

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 The MINI Cooper hatchback is one of the more expensive cars in the class, but it has iconic looks and a high profile after being included in a couple of movies in recent years. It’s also got wonderful safety features despite being such a small vehicle, and its fuel mileage is excellent as a result of its small size.

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Whichever hot hatchbacks you look into, it is going to be tough to go wrong in a sector loaded with affordable, snazzy, economical driving choices.


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